Social Media Advertising

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Today I want to quickly look at different methods of advertising on Social Media. We all strive to be good at marketing and for sure it’s never that easy, we have to learn tactics that are working and will give us good results. To find what works the best approach is just to TEST….TEST and TEST again until you crack it.

We shall look at E mail marketing, Webinars, Blogging, and Reviews

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Most people actually prefer doing paid advertising since its a quicker way to experience or get more results when it comes to promoting affiliate marketing products or even your own products. When it comes to marketing, budgeting is key especially if you are on a low budget; you basically need to spend your money wisely.
Now, this is by far one of the best strategies out there and also one that’s highly misused of them all. A common saying to all affiliate marketers is BUILD AN EMAIL LIST but one thing that you rarely hear is ” Promote the products that you believe in”. Online marketing sometimes has a bad reputation because SOME marketers choose to sell any and all things. You, on the other hand, should only promote the BEST products with the BEST VALUE.
If you’re selling something good, then writing good emails becomes A LOT easier than when you’re selling something crummy.

That said, there are some important techniques to keep in mind when you approach sales emails.
A) Feed your list with awesome value first below sending out sales emails with your affiliate marketing products. Remember: In the mind of your subscribers, your role is to provide them with VALUABLE content. So when you move away from that and ask them to buy something, they expect everything you suggest to be GOLDThat’s really it.
With this, you will have a great team people who are always interested in whatever you are willing to offer.
B) The length of your emails will always matter. I personally prefer writing up a long email for a high-cost product say those that cost $500.00. Things with great value and low prices can pretty much sell themselves, so your job in a is to basically:

  • Endorse the product
  • Briefly describe the product
  • Explain the product’s value
  • SELL

This another great and relatively cheap way of promoting affiliate marketing products and also your very own products. I’ve attended so many webinars and bought so many products through these webinars in equal measures.
A good way to use webinars to promote affiliate marketing products is to do an interview with the person who made the product. For example, if you’re promoting a list building product, offer your list a free interview with the creator.
For the first part of the interview, get some awesome information from that person. Then at the end talk about all the things your listeners gain from this list building product. Close by encouraging the listeners to use your affiliate link to buy it. You can even choose to offer bonuses once someone buys a great strategy that I see most marketers use. The bonus can be a free one on one coaching session.
These interviews aren’t that hard to set up. When you are promoting someone’s product, they will usually be happy to do it.

but they will click affiliate links and buy things if shopping is the motivation that originally brought them to your blog.
Focus on writing a WELL DETAILED product review describing your experience with the product. You should provide value in form of advice and not just pitching your product all through.

Reviews not to answer the questions posed by the reader about a product. Actually, Reviews must address specifically the problem a person has and how good the product is at solving the problem.
Use your time while writing your review and address all questions that your readers might have.
With that said I hope that this will give you a nice place to start promoting your affiliate marketing products.

Now, one thing that you should know is that, by constantly writing and publishing quality content on your blog, you are basically building up promotional material for your affiliate marketing products.
The key here is to publish valuable content consistently and to try as much as possible to solve a problem in most of your articles. Leave your readers satisfied.
One good way to use your blog to promote your affiliate marketing products is by adding a tab that displays your affiliate products. This is a short way of presenting your products to your readers since you don’t really have to paste your affiliate links in your blog posts
This is one common method in the industry that so many people or rather marketers have embraced to promote their affiliate marketing products. Reviews tend to rank well for product searches, so provided you build a popular blog the reviews you write should bring in highly targeted visitors from the search engines.
A common scenario in the industry is that search visitors hunting for product information are generally buyers, they may not stick around your blog for long,

There are other relative nice methods that you can use e.g

  1. Video Marketing
  2. Newspaper Ads
  3. Banner Ads
  4. Solo Ads

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Do You Want Viral Videos

Today we will look at Viral Videos

Hey I hope you are all doing great.

I want to give you some small tips I have been learning about posting videos on your FaceBook page that you want to go viral. We are always looking at ways to get more engagement on our pages and videos has to be one of the best vehicle. I hope you enjoy the blog and reach out to us if you have any questions or problems you need help with.

Happy Social Media, remember we all have a storey to tell. RJR

Learn how to rank Facebook videos fast.

If you want to crush it on Facebook, its going to help if you upload videos.

It’s really easy to make videos go viral on Facebook. All you have to do is follow these 5 powerful tips. Listen to this short video from the SEO King Mr Neil Patel as he explains the process.

  1. Don’t use YouTube videos that direct traffic away from FaceBook. Basically if you embed the video from YouTube and paste it onto your FaceBook page then when ever people click on it, it will take you away from FaceBook and FaceBook doesn’t like this so they wont promote your video as much. if you upload the video directly to FaceBook it will get much more views.
  2. Make your videos a decent length like between 5 – 10 min. Longer videos will again encourage engagement and get people liking and commenting on the video.
  3. Target the video to your specific audience. Don’t just target anyone, this will again help you get views, engagement and shares.
  4. Add a nice description that encourages engagement, remember FaceBook loves engagement, ask questions to encourage questions and make the description interesting.
  5. Put captions in your videos. A lot of people have their sound turned of and if you have captions they will still watch your video without the sound.
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Why Are Your Facebook Ads Being Denied?


Hi Everyone

Here is a great post from Social Media Today that covers why your facebook ads can be denied on the platform. Have a read and leave your comments.

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Here are the Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads are Getting Denied

Facebook Ads Are You Tired Figuring Them Out ?


So are you tired and frustrated with Facebook Ads,

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing great this fine Saturday.   

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  • Identify highly profitable niche audiences with Facebook’s advanced targeting options (even if you’re never advertised online)
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PLUS, you’ll also discover:

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How to STAND OUT on Social Media as a New Entrepreneur

Hi Social Media Followers :-), hope you are having a great week.

You’re an entrepreneur. It’s going to be hard to succeed. So what do you do? Follow the tips from Neil Patel in the below video and learn how to stand out from the crowd.
1- Create AMAZING Content.
2- Create Long Form Text Based Content.
3- Participate on your social platforms and be consistent.

Does Social Media Inspire You ?

Hi Social Media Followers :-), hope you are having a great week.

You cant argue that there are a lot of posts, comments and videos on social media that catch your attention and a lot of them inspire you to get up, get out and get things done which is what life is all about. Raw uncut videos not censored by the news or governments but posted by real people in real places. Really it is inspiring and changing the world. Yes there is a lot of negative stuff but in general in a controlled enviroment its good. And rememebr modern day social media is still in its infancy.

So does social media inspire you? leave your comments and stories and let us know.

This 2300 foot trekking route is not one for the faint hearted!

Kalavantin Durg Trek stands high in the Western Ghats, Near Panvel, Mumbai, and walkers follow the steps just inches away from a sheer drop of nearly 700 metres.

The Kayakers is an outdoor pursuits group based in Prune, India, who loves to go out and explore the nature in the heart of the Black Mountains and filmed the footage in July, 2017.

Mangesh Dongare, from the group, said: “around 30 people from different background attended this trip.

Oh and watch this awesome video… Who wants to go on a hike? 🙂

Regards RJR
We all have a story to tell.
Get Up, Get Out and Get Going…

8 Tips to Get MORE Instagram Likes

Hi Social Media Followers :-), hope you are having a great weekend.

Do you want more Instagram Followers?

Here are 8 great tips on what you can do.

  1. Having Blue Tones In Your Pictures
  2. Useing A Single Dominance Hue
  3. Desaturated Photos
  4. Brighter Photos
  5. More Negative Space
  6. Adding Texture To Backgrounds
  7. The “Likeness Principle”
  8. Engaging With Your Followers

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So lets have a look at this cool video which explains the tips on how to get more views on your Instagram page in much more detail.

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Top 10 Social Media Tips

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So based on pure and simple facts this has got to be the 10 easiest and best “No Cost” tips to help you grow your social media followers. Watch the video here Top Ten Tips

1 – Engage with people that follow you. If they comment then strike up a conversation with them.
2 – Post Consistently. Dont flood your social media one day, then forget about it for the remainder of the week.
3 – Be Yourself. People engage and follow you because of “YOU” so don’t pretend you are someone else.
4 – Specialize Your Content. Keep your theme or niche the same. don’t post a multitude of different content.
5 – Interlink All Your Different Social Media Accounts. Cross post, share, retweet, as much as you can.
6 – Ask Others To Share. Don’t be shy, get yourself out there. Ask everyone to share your posts.
7 – Set Goals. Have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and how many followers you want.
8 – Timing. Try to post at the same time, daily and weekly. Your followers will be accustomed to your timing.
9 – Your Bio. Make your bio as detailed as you can, with links to your website, blog or social media platforms.
10 – Content. Providing good content with real value will keep your followers coming back.

Watch the video below where they share these tips.

Make sure to implement these today, and measure the results.


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NEW!! Facebook tests letting you post recorded video as if it’s live.



Hope you guys are all doing great, i just got back from a great couple of days with my 7 year old daughter on her school camping trip. It was nice to kick back in the amazing nature here in Namibia and get away from mainstream life. That being said i did manage to finish reading a great book on Social Media which I will share with you in the next few days i literally couldn’t put it down and found lots of great nuggets to share with you all.

I was just catching up with whats going on in the social media world and saw this interesting post by the “Queen of facebook” Mari Smith. She has shared this announcement from  Fidji Simo, Facebook’s head of video:

Image may contain: 1 person, phone

Fidji Simo

❝We are starting to test a new video format, Facebook Premieres.

With Premieres, for the first time on Facebook, publishers and creators will be able to release pre-recorded videos as a live moment, giving people the ability to interact and experience it together.

Premieres bring fans and content creators together in a whole new way on Facebook. Premieres can help publishers and creators build anticipation leading up to the debut of new videos and offer the opportunity to engage with audiences directly every time a new video is posted.

People will be able to experience Premieres of videos like movie trailers, new episodes of Facebook Watch shows, or new content from their favorite creators, alongside other fans together in real time – just like watching a Facebook Live video.

We’re testing this now with a group of diverse video creators, publishers, and shows, and we’ll be rolling this out more broadly soon.❞

This could be quite interesting and offer new opportunities in the Facebook video segment.

Whats your thoughts, leave your comments below.