Does Social Media Inspire You ?

Hi Social Media Followers :-), hope you are having a great week.

You cant argue that there are a lot of posts, comments and videos on social media that catch your attention and a lot of them inspire you to get up, get out and get things done which is what life is all about. Raw uncut videos not censored by the news or governments but posted by real people in real places. Really it is inspiring and changing the world. Yes there is a lot of negative stuff but in general in a controlled enviroment its good. And rememebr modern day social media is still in its infancy.

So does social media inspire you? leave your comments and stories and let us know.

This 2300 foot trekking route is not one for the faint hearted!

Kalavantin Durg Trek stands high in the Western Ghats, Near Panvel, Mumbai, and walkers follow the steps just inches away from a sheer drop of nearly 700 metres.

The Kayakers is an outdoor pursuits group based in Prune, India, who loves to go out and explore the nature in the heart of the Black Mountains and filmed the footage in July, 2017.

Mangesh Dongare, from the group, said: “around 30 people from different background attended this trip.

Oh and watch this awesome video… Who wants to go on a hike? 🙂

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