How To Create Meaningful Interactions On Facebook

Listen to the tip from Mari Smith on how to improve your interactions on Facebook.

“When the marketers move in, the members move out”

“The secret, therefore, to social media success is to act, and think, and feel, and behave like a member FIRST. A member first, and a marketer second.❞ ~Mari Smith, Author of The New Relationship Marketing (Wiley. 2011)

I first said this in 2007, around the time that Facebook opened its doors to third party app developers. I was speaking at a social media conference in Seattle, WA and there was a flurry of excitement among app developers. It was also right at the time that Facebook launched “Beacon” on November 6, 2007 with 44 partner websites. Amid the flurry of excitement, there was also trepidation about privacy and major pushback from users.

➡Since I joined Facebook on May 4th, 2007, I’ve always had a ‘foot in both camps’ – that is:

1) an avid personal user and champion for fellow users,


2) an avid marketer/business user and avid champion for fellow marketers and business users.

But, as marketers on Facebook, we *always* have to respect the user experience.

As soon as content gets pushy, pitchy, disrespectful of the user experience, encroaching on privacy and poorly targeted (irrelevant), Facebook fatique quickly sets in among users and they will unlike your page, hide your ads, hide your content and even report as spam. ⬅

Mari Smith is the Premier Facebook Marketing Expert and social media thought leader.

Often referred to as “the Queen of Facebook,” Mari Smith is one of the world’s foremost experts on Facebook marketing. She is a Forbes’ perennial Top Social Media Power Influencer, author of The New Relationship Marketing and coauthor of Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day.

In 2015, Facebook headhunted Mari to partner with as the company’s leading Small Business and Facebook Marketing expert, where she facilitated and taught at the Boost Your Business series of live training events across the United States.

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