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Today we will look at Viral Videos

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I want to give you some small tips I have been learning about posting videos on your FaceBook page that you want to go viral. We are always looking at ways to get more engagement on our pages and videos has to be one of the best vehicle. I hope you enjoy the blog and reach out to us if you have any questions or problems you need help with.

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Learn how to rank Facebook videos fast.

If you want to crush it on Facebook, its going to help if you upload videos.

It’s really easy to make videos go viral on Facebook. All you have to do is follow these 5 powerful tips. Listen to this short video from the SEO King Mr Neil Patel as he explains the process.

  1. Don’t use YouTube videos that direct traffic away from FaceBook. Basically if you embed the video from YouTube and paste it onto your FaceBook page then when ever people click on it, it will take you away from FaceBook and FaceBook doesn’t like this so they wont promote your video as much. if you upload the video directly to FaceBook it will get much more views.
  2. Make your videos a decent length like between 5 – 10 min. Longer videos will again encourage engagement and get people liking and commenting on the video.
  3. Target the video to your specific audience. Don’t just target anyone, this will again help you get views, engagement and shares.
  4. Add a nice description that encourages engagement, remember FaceBook loves engagement, ask questions to encourage questions and make the description interesting.
  5. Put captions in your videos. A lot of people have their sound turned of and if you have captions they will still watch your video without the sound.
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