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So based on pure and simple facts this has got to be the 10 easiest and best “No Cost” tips to help you grow your social media followers. Watch the video here Top Ten Tips

1 – Engage with people that follow you. If they comment then strike up a conversation with them.
2 – Post Consistently. Dont flood your social media one day, then forget about it for the remainder of the week.
3 – Be Yourself. People engage and follow you because of “YOU” so don’t pretend you are someone else.
4 – Specialize Your Content. Keep your theme or niche the same. don’t post a multitude of different content.
5 – Interlink All Your Different Social Media Accounts. Cross post, share, retweet, as much as you can.
6 – Ask Others To Share. Don’t be shy, get yourself out there. Ask everyone to share your posts.
7 – Set Goals. Have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and how many followers you want.
8 – Timing. Try to post at the same time, daily and weekly. Your followers will be accustomed to your timing.
9 – Your Bio. Make your bio as detailed as you can, with links to your website, blog or social media platforms.
10 – Content. Providing good content with real value will keep your followers coming back.

Watch the video below where they share these tips.

Make sure to implement these today, and measure the results.


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